Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tarheel Stamper Tuesday Tips

Clear Mount Stamp Tips

I love my Clear Mount Stamps.  I also love the wood mount stamp sets Stampin' Up! sells.  Try them both and see the advantages of both of them. 

The following tips are from Stampin' Up!

Q: How do I clean clear-mount rubber stamps?

A: You simply use your Stampin' Scrub and a few sprays of Stampin' Mist. Take caution to use a small amount of Stampin' Mist (one or two sprays) as an excess of liquid could make the stamp come off the block and could cause cosmetic damage. The physical motions to clean your clear-mount stamps are slightly different than cleaning wood-mount stamps. After you spray Stampin' Mist on the wet side of your Stampin' Scrub, gently twist your stamp a few times to remove the ink. Next, gently twist your stamp on the dry side of your Scrub. If you attempt to clean your stamps with the same rough side-to-side/up-down movements that you may use with your wood-mount stamps, the cling of the stamp may detach from the clear block.

Q: How do I clean the acrylic blocks?

A: Acrylic blocks need to stay clean in order to work well. Stampin' Mist and Stampin' Scrub will clean StazOn, Classic Ink, Craft Ink, VersaMark, and metallic ink stains from your blocks. Avoid using StazOn cleaner, as it leaves a slightly oily residue that inhibits the functionality of the cling.

Q: Why isn't my clear-mount rubber stamp sticking to the acrylic block?

A: Our clear-mount stamps are designed to cling to our clear blocks but not so firmly that it would be difficult to remove them from the clear blocks. These stamps are repositionable, so they need to be able to be removed easily. However, your stamp should cling strongly enough to the acrylic block to allow you to stamp properly.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the cling properties of your clear-mount stamp, try these solutions.

1.Check to make sure you mounted your clear-mount stamps as the directions instructed. If your stamps are mounted incorrectly then it could decrease the performance of the cling material.

2.Make sure that both the clear block and the cling surface of the clear-mount stamp are clean and free from dirt, ink, liquid, oil, or other residue. The cling properties of these stamps require clean surface area for the cling label to grip the clear block. We suggest that your hands also be clean when using clear-mount stamps and it is best to avoid using lotions or any other oily substance on your hands prior to using clear-mount stamps.

3.Press the clear-mount stamp firmly onto the clear block, applying even pressure to the entire surface of the stamp. After you adhere the stamp to the block, turn your block over (rubber side down) and press down firmly to ensure the cling hold to the entire stamp. You will be able to see if the stamp is sufficiently adhered to the block if you see flat air bubbles.

4.Keep your clear-mount stamps and clear blocks at room temperature prior to use. Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) may affect the cling properties in this product. Condensation caused by extreme temperatures may also affect cling properties of the stamps.

Q: Will I still need to use my Stamp-a-ma-jig?

A: While the labels on the clear-mount stamps are closely aligned with the rubber, it is not exact. We recommend using the Stamp-a-ma-jig if your project requires exact alignment.

I love both kinds and will continue buying them in both styles.  Right now I am purchasing more clear mount sets to save on storage space.  I have limited storage and this way I can have more stamp sets to choose from.  Stampin' Up! doesn't recommend converting their wood mounting sets as the rubber may be damaged.  You can decide for yourself on that one. 
Next Tuesday Tips will about that Acrylic block storage container.  I bought one to store my blocks in and have decorated the outside!

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