Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tarheel Stamper - Snowflake Trio

Snowflake Trio

Photographed in natural light

Photographed with flash

 Largest is about 15 inches in diameter

I saw a magazine with snowflakes made of wooden craft sticks and wood shapes and loved them so I made some.  One hint they had was to draw intersecting lines on a scrap paper and then use that to build your snowflake.  It makes it easier to glue them together correctly.  I used lots of glitter, but it was hard to photograph.  I stamped the trio of snowflakes in Serene Snowflakes on a glue pad and then sprinkled glitter on top of that.  They are so pretty hanging in the window.  These are hard to photograph.  The diameter of the largest is 15 inches.  I spray painted them white.  There is a plastic ring hot glued to the back to hang them from on some pretty ribbon.  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Let it snow...let it snow....let it snow...somewhere else today.  LOL We are visiting Brattonsville Plantation to see their Christmas event.  I love Christmas and attending local Christmas events.  Check out your local calendars and see what is available near you!  Have fun with your family and of course stamp something!  LOL

Happy Stampin',
Tammy aka Tarheel Stamper

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The MadStamper said...

These are so beautiful!!!!! Thank you for sharing! I am going to get my kiddos and go into our craftroom and have some fun with the popcicle sticks we have ~ can't wait to see our finished items! :) What a great idea!~ especially since we are in a snow storm right now and are getting 16" of snow today... Love your blog!!!! Blessings!