Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tarheel Stamper - Part Two of Slice of Pepperoni Pizza

Here is the 2nd video of how to make the Slice of Pepperoni Pizza card. 

You can view this video in HD on my YouTube Channel TarheelStamper.

See this post for more details and a supplies list.

Have a great day,
Tammy aka Tarheel Stamper


Ellen Kemper said...

so so so cute!

Great job and I love all your details.

I need to learn how to video - you can teach so much more!

Thanks for showing us!

Tammy Q Howell said...

Thanks for your kind comments. You can teach a lot more via video, but it took a while for me to edit this and post. I will do shorter projects in the future, but I think this was great to share.