Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tarheel Stamper Tuesday Tips Smooch Spritz

Smooch Spritz

I used it on a card I sent to the Monday Mailers program on a Yahoo group I am in.  I forgot to take a photo of the card.  I do have a sample of the Spritz below.  Click on the photo for a larger view.  You can see some of the shine in the photo.  It is very pretty.  Control of the spray can be challenging, but I liked the way it sprayed uneven sized drops.  I found that if I started spraying off the card stock, I got a finer spray on the parts I wanted. It is so pretty in real life. Hard to photograph shine.

Below is information from Stampin' Up! about the Smooch Spritz they are carrying in the new 2010/2011 Idea Book and Catalog

Features & Benefits

Fine, pearlized accent spray that quickly adds shine to card stock, paper, chipboard, wood, fabric, clay, acrylic, and more

Adds sparkle to focal points and backgrounds; just point and spritz Similar to the ink in metallic ink pads, so it gives a different look than stamping or spritzing with Classic or Craft ink

Sheen of the ink ranges from subtle to glittery depending on the surface you spray it on and how much spray you use

Works great with stencils—just place the stencil on your surface and spray

You can also stamp over it; spray it on a card, let it dry, and stamp your image

Dries quickly on most surfaces, especially on porous surfaces like card stock

Safe for scrapbooks Acid free, nontoxic

Below is information from the website of the maker of Smooch.

Tips and Techniques:

-For best results, spray six to ten inches from project. For a heavier application of color, spray closer to the project.

-Before each use, shake vigorously until all particles are mixed. The sprayer can clog if particles get sucked up into the tube. Spray in direction of arrow as viewed on nozzle top.

-To speed dry time, heat with a heat tool.

-If ink dries outside the nozzle, remove the nozzle and submerge in household cleaner (such as Windex or 409), for 20 minutes. Rinse, replace the nozzle, shake well and spray

-Layer colors by spraying a small amount of two different colors onto your project. Start with a lighter color and end with a darker color.

-Build color by spraying several thin coats. Allow to dry between coats. Spray chipboard and embellish with a coordinating Smooch™ color.

-Spray a background on card and pages. When dry, stamp images.

Try some today!  It is a unique product to work with.  I used the Color Catcher to keep my area clean. I did put some wax paper behind mine to make sure no spray came through.

I am busy trying to make some more matchboxes like I showed in this post for the wedding rehearsal party next week.  I have not had much time to stamp or post lately, but am having a blast making things for the wedding.  I start making the wedding programs this week.  Yahoo!  I am so excited for Hannah and Bobby!  They are such a sweet, godly couple.  The Lord has blessed them with many needed items for their new home.  They didn't have a microwave and lo and behold and aunt of Bobby's had a microwave and crock pot sent to our home.  They were so happy and excited to see God provide!  He is always good to us!

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