Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Great One and The Beautiful Bride!

ROFL  That is what my son wanted in his wedding program for the groom and bride that I made for them. They turned out so pretty. Our son Bobby is The Great One and Hannah is The Beautiful Bride.  They are such a fun couple. I don't have a photo of the wedding program since I loaned my camera to the honeymooning couple. I will take a photo and upload when I get the camera back.

Aren't they so cute together.  The Lord brought these two together.  They are such a perfect pair!  I have my first official "daughter"-in-law!  I have another official "daughter" to be in March!  The wedding was wonderful and the rehearsal dinner was a hit.  I don't have photos to share because I was too busy with the wedding, but I will share some when the bride gets hers.  Can't wait to see them.  I am sharing one a friend of Bobby's took after the wedding.  I saved it from Facebook so not as good quality as I would like.  Also the bridal portraits were taken before the wedding.  She is so pretty!  She didn't wear the red shoes at the wedding.  She didn't want the Beautiful Bride on the program because she didn't want people to think she was prideful.  I told her that is what The Great One sees her as!  She is very humble.

Bridal Portraits are by Stroud Photography
She also has a Facebook page -  If this doesn't work, you can search Stroud Photography. 
Bette Anne is a very talented photographer and sweet friend of our family. 

Hope you have a wonderful day and I hope to start posting regularly again!
Tammy aka Tarheel Stamper

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