Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tarheel Stamper Tuesday Tips

Hi Stampin' Friends!

Feeling better today.  It is vertigo per the doctor's diagnosis.  He gave me some medicine and is starting to help.  Hope you are all doing well!

Here is another Tarheel Stamper Tuesday Tip.

If you have ever wanted to print a sentiment or journaling to match the colors of your Stampin' Up! inks, here are codes for you.  The web/hex codes are for posting on the web. 

In the program you are using to write your text, find the color picker or whatever color chooser you have.  The one pictured below is from Adobe 7.  You can see where you enter the RGB or CMYK numbers.  Just enter those and your text will appear in the SU color you want.

I do not take credit for this chart.  I found the document you can download on Scrib.  Here is a link to the document. http://www.scribd.com/doc/33413806/2010-Stampin-Up-RGB-Hex-CMYK-Values

I would like to take these codes and then add a sample of the color ink to it.  If I ever do I will ask the author if I can post a chart like hers. 

Tips - You might have to adjust for your printer.  Try the codes out, print a sample and then adjust if necessary.  Colors may look differently on your monitor and your printer compared to the actual Stampin' Up! colors.  Hope these help someone.

Happy Stampin'
Tammy aka Tarheel Stamper

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Sharon said...

Tammy - do you think it's something in the NC air? I've been having bouts with vertigo lately also. I have had it before but only like once every couple of years. The past few months I've been bothered with it several times and I get nauseated as a passenger in the car now when before, I could read in the car. We are planning a trip to the mountains in a couple of weeks & I'm thinking I need to get some meds before we tackle those windy roads.